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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 15, 23 July 1970

Volume 6, Issue 15

23 July 1970

Online system identification using matrix pseudoinverse
Minimising cochannel interference in television reception
Microwave conductivity of thick-film conductors
New explanation of the polarity effect in current collection
Focusing of radio waves reflected from the ionosphere at low angles of elevation
Indirect calculation of network-function sensitivities with variations of some network parameters
Prime-focus one- and two-hybridmode feeds
Efficient calculation of gradient in state estimation
Dielectric Green's function for parameters of microstrip
Display of current/voltage relationships in power-transistor circuits operating at v.h.f.
Accurate calculation of small-signal growth rates in avalanche diodes
Design of multiple-input phase-locked oscillator in mutually synchronised system
Diffraction by wide-flare-angle corrugated conical horns
Analysis of parallel dry-reed operation
Process identification with visual interaction between operator and computer
Rational approximation to transfer-function matrix of distributed system
Mesa profiles and edge breakdown of silicon avalanche diodes
Noise measurements of silicon planar microwave transistors in the frequency range 4–8 GHz
Investigation of deep-depletion régime of m.o.s. structures using ramp-response method
Existence of positive periodic solutions of certain ordinary differential equations
Exact computation of group delay and its sensitivities using adjoint-network concept
Quantitative model for epitaxial-transistor collector characteristics
Topological and sensitivity formulas for a general nonreciprocal 2-port network
Effect of state-variable feedback on numerators of transfer functions
Erratum: Computation of mixing coefficients for field-effect transistors with non-square-law transfer characteristics

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