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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 14, 9 July 1970

Volume 6, Issue 14

9 July 1970

Additional doping in epitaxial silicon underlying a radio-frequency glow-discharge-deposited silicon-nitride layer
Elastic waves in a liquid layer with different upper and lower elastic layers
Digital networks which adapt by scanning and growth
Spin-acoustic Love-type surface wave in a layered geometry
Approach for heat sinks in monolithic microwave integrated circuits
Mode charts for elliptical resonant cavities
Experimental observation of magnetostatic modes in a y.i.g. slab
Microwave generation by InP 3-level transferred-electron oscillators
Piezoelectric coupling coefficient of interdigital Rayleigh-wave transducers
New formula for the signal-flow graph reduction
Microstrip TRAPATT oscillator
Measurement of transition displacement in magnetic recording
Properties of digital bandpasses obtained by convolution approximation for zero frequency
Approximation in digital-filter synthesis based on time-response invariance
Approximate transfer functions for multivariable systems
Transient response of a tunnel-diode trigger for linearly varying current pulses
Sampling theorem in Walsh-Fourier analysis
Simple graphical method for calculating the efficiency of bulk negative-resistance microwave oscillators
Further properties of minimal indices
Matrix approach to steady-state analysis of invertor-fed induction motors

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