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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 13, 25 June 1970

Volume 6, Issue 13

25 June 1970

Low-cost reciprocal-law circuit
Sensitivity-function determination for linear feedback systems
Analysis of a magnetically tuned coaxial cavity using state-space techniques
Criteria for the assessment of transferred-electron materials
Measurements of statistical burst-noise characteristics
Direct formulation of the state equations: signal-flow-graph approach in time domain
New equivalent circuits for elementary piezoelectric transducers
Electronic mode of control to obtain increased torque and improved power factor from an asynchronous machine
Excess leakage-current noise in junction field-effect transistors
Computation of mixing coefficients for field-effect transistors with non-square-law transfer characteristics
Transmission-line analogue of carrier waves in solids
Multioctave tunable 3-port circulator using a y.i.g. sphere
Self and externally pumped second-harmonic generation with silicon avalanche diodes
Generalisation of the Routh-Hurwitz criterion and its applications
Correction of errors in p.r.b.n. identification
High-frequency impedance of a practical metal surface and the effect of a thin coating of dielectric over it
Obtaining the time response of digital systems
Inductor realisation with a negative-impedance convertor
Ultra-broadband transmission-line 90° directional couplers
Linear binary anticodes
Nonsinusoidal waveform constructions for avalanche-diode-oscillation modes
State-space formulation for the chain parameters of nonuniform transmission lines
Erratum: Attenuation due to rainfall on a 24 km microwave link working at 11, 18 and 36 GHz
Erratum: Slowly varying discrete system xi+1=Aixi

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