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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 12, 11 June 1970

Volume 6, Issue 12

11 June 1970

Experimental verification of a lateral wave above a lossy interface
Efficiency enhancement in the conversion into the magnetostatic mode utilising a specially designed coiled transducer
Theoretical characteristics of a two-terminal negative dynamic resistance
Suboptimal linear control of the linear regulator using incomplete state feedback
Commutative controller: a critical survey
Pulse propagation along glass fibres
Probability-density function of a specularly fading signal-plus-noise minus noise
Diffusion in semiconductors
Family of pattern classifiers
Approximate construction of phase-plane trajectories using isocentric curves
Attenuation in corrugated circular wave-guide
Potential stability theory—Pt. 1: linear systems
Linear systems with multivariable 3-term controllers: use of the matrix pseudoinverse in their synthesis
Feasibility of high-resolution optical images from microwave far-field holograms
Remotely tuned circulator
High-performance analogue multiplier based on the characteristics of bipolar transistors
Current-controlled negative-resistance circuit
Voltage- and conductivity-independent mode of operation in thin acoustoelectric oscillators
Theory for power output and efficiency of silicon TRAPATT oscillators
Analytical theory of stable domains in high-doped Gunn diodes
Erratum: Transferred-electron negative-resistance amplifier
Erratum: Noise in InSb double-injection space-charge-limited diodes
Erratum: Design of an active distributed RC lowpass filter using exponential lines
Erratum: Complex BIFORE transform

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