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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 11, 28 May 1970

Volume 6, Issue 11

28 May 1970

Noise figure and conversion loss of self-excited Gunn-diode mixers
Simultaneous solution of system dynamic equations and control-function optimisation using the conjugate-gradient algorithm
Necessary conditions for the optimality of a class of multi-input closed-loop linear control systems
Universal threshold gates for 3-, 4- and 5-variable linearly separable (threshold) functions
Field-correlation theorem with application to reflector-aerial diffraction problems
Design of nonrecursive digital filters with linear phase
Design of nonrecursive digital filters with minimum phase
Adaptive filter for microwave radiometry
Equivalent scheme of an ideal operational amplifier
Matching optimisation to interdigital surface-wave devices
Reduction of scattering cross-section of a dielectric-coated square prism
Adaptive delta modulator for telephony
Analogue technique for microstrip parameters
Slowly varying discrete system xi+1=Aixi
Performance of a practical digital system for the learning of signal waveforms
Mode-controllability structure of a multivariable linear system
Equivalent linear and nonlinear discrete-time systems
Companding with junction f.e.t.
Correction of near-field antenna measurements made with an arbitrary but known measuring antenna
New method of gain measurement using two identical antennas
Recent experimental results in near-field antenna measurements
Family of equiripple lowpass digital filters
Material selection for efficient transferred-electron devices at Q band
Physical approach to the analysis of earthed bicommensurate URC networks

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