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Electronics Letters

Volume 6, Issue 10, 14 May 1970

Volume 6, Issue 10

14 May 1970

Attenuation due to rainfall on a 24 km microwave link working at 11, 18 and 36 GHz
Read-only memory reduction by segmentation
Method of solution of a special class of two-point boundary-value problems
Modelling of transistors for fast integrated logic circuits
Nonrestoring binary division using a cellular array
Reciprocity and passivity
Emission of TEM waves generated within an n type Ge cavity
Instabilities of InP 3-level transferred-electron oscillators
Simultaneous generation of the coefficients of network polynomials and their partial derivatives from the nodal-admittance matrix
Network sensitivity to variations in the voltage-controlled voltage-source amplification factor
Further note on the Hermite-Fujiwara theorem
Signal-averaging and time-delay techniques for experiments with plasma-wave echoes
Modelling of short-channel m.o.s. transistors
Reappraisal of the unconditional stability criteria for active 2-port networks in terms of S parameters
C.W. operation of l.s.a. oscillators in R band
Ray-optical solution for the dyadic Green's function in a rectangular cavity
Aerial arrays with asymmetrical thinning
Addendum: Switching of a superconductive thin-film bridge between the pure superconductive and resistive-superconductive states

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