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Volume 56, Issue 6, 17 March 2020

Volume 56, Issue 6

17 March 2020

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    • Dual-wideband dual-polarised magnetoelectric dipole antenna for 4G/5G microcell base station
      Low-profile broadband aperture coupled magneto-electric dipole array antenna for millimetre-wave applications
      Metallic reflectors with notched RCS spectral signature using dielectric resonators
    • 300-GHz integrated heterodyne receiver with carrier lock-in Costas loop
      High-efficient superblock flash translation layer for NAND flash controller
      Radio frequency reliability studies of CMOS RF integrated circuits for ultra-thin flexible packages
      Self-biased nano-power four-transistor current and voltage reference with a single resistor
    • Deblocking performance analysis of weak filter on versatile video coding
      Point-selection and multi-level-point-feature fusion-based 3D point cloud classification
      Polarimetric SAR image despeckling using bandelet transform based on additive–multiplicative speckle model
    • Adversarial shared-private networks for specific emitter identification
    • Investigation of radiation recovery effect on sensing fibre in BOTDR
      Two-UAV trajectory planning for cooperative target locating based on airborne visual tracking platform
    • Integrated 100 V bootstrap diode with enhanced reverse recovery characteristics for eGaN-field effect transistor gate drivers

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