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Volume 56, Issue 25, 10 December 2020

Volume 56, Issue 25

10 December 2020

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    • Guest Editorial: Current Trends in Cognitive Science and Brain Computing Research and Applications
      Letter of Thanks
      Classification of emotions from EEG signals using time-order representation based on the S-transform and convolutional neural network
      Efficient approach for EEG-based emotion recognition
      Emotion recognition with deep learning using GAMEEMO data set
      Motor imagery BCI classification based on novel two-dimensional modelling in empirical wavelet transform
      Classification of epileptic EEG signals using sparse spectrum based empirical wavelet transform
      Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder from EEG using a time–frequency spectrogram image-based approach
      Realising transfer learning through convolutional neural network and support vector machine for mental task classification
      Approach based on wavelet packet transform and 1D-RMLBP for drowsiness detection using EEG
      Analysis of EEG signal for seizure detection based on WPT
      Automatic drowsiness detection using electroencephalogram signal
      Classification of working memory loads using hybrid EEG and fNIRS in machine learning paradigm
      Protection of BCI system via reversible watermarking of EEG signal
      Brain–computer interface-based single trial P300 detection for home environment application
      Brain MRI-based Wilson disease tissue classification: an optimised deep transfer learning approach
      Robust spatial information based tumour detection for brain MR images
      Focusing the temporally interfering electric fields in non-invasive deep brain stimulation
      PROMETHEE-based hybrid feature selection technique for high-dimensional biomedical data: application to Parkinson's disease classification
      Prefrontal haemodynamics based classification of inter-individual working memory difference
    • High-order bandpass frequency selective surface based on aperture-coupled patch resonators under dual resonance
    • Dual semantic interdependencies attention network for person re-identification
      Macro-pixel-wise CNN-based filtering for quality enhancement of light field images
      Mask-guided class activation mapping network for person re-identification
      Towards privacy palmprint recognition via federated hash learning
    • Optimization of surface passivation for suppressing leakage current in GaSb PIN devices
    • Attenuation constant measurements of clear glass samples at the low terahertz band
      Full-duplex MIMO-OFDM systems with imperfect estimation of CFO and time-varying multipath channels

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