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Electronics Letters

Volume 56, Issue 19, 17 September 2020

Volume 56, Issue 19

17 September 2020

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    • Guest Editorial: Non-Destructive Testing
      Non-destructive detection of coconut quality using RF sensor
      Super-resolution image reconstruction of compressive 2D near-field millimetre-wave
      Microwave non-destructive testing of active frequency selective surface embedded tunable radar absorber
      Non-destructive inspection method for FRPM pipelines utilising time-domain responses of microwave guided-modes
      Real-time non-intrusive RF biochemical sensor
      Fast two-dimensional THz imaging using rail-based synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing
      Efficient selection of independent components for inspection of mild steel sample using infrared thermography
      Automatic hotspots detection based on UAV infrared images for large-scale PV plant
      Investigations on pulse compression favourable thermal imaging approaches for characterisation of glass fibre-reinforce polymers
      Probability of defect detection in pulse compression favourable thermal excitation schemes for infra-red non-destructive testing
      Evaluating impact damage in Kevlar/carbon composites by using laser vibrometry and active infrared thermography
      Efficient pulse compression favourable thermal excitation scheme for non-destructive testing using infrared thermography: a numerical study
      Probability of detection of deep defects in steel samples using Barker coded independent component thermography
      Linear frequency modulated thermal wave imaging for estimation of osteoporosis: an analytical approach
      Estimating magnetic field strength in a porous fin from a surface temperature response
      Spectral imaging using compressive sensing-based single-pixel modality
      Defect classification based on wavelet packet energy through pulsed alternating current field measurement technique
      Ultrasonic imaging beyond diffraction limit using conventional transducers with conical baffles
      Optimal frequency combination estimation for accurate ultrasound non-destructive testing
      Elastic metamaterial rod for mode filtering in ultrasonic applications
      Robotic scanning technology for laser pulse-echo inspection

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