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Electronics Letters

Volume 56, Issue 17, 20 August 2020

Volume 56, Issue 17

20 August 2020

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    • Accurate classification of epilepsy seizure types using wavelet packet decomposition and local detrended fluctuation analysis
      Achieving a reversible lower dimensionality transformation for picture archiving and communication system in healthcare
      Real-time simulation device for mean arterial pressure of hypotensive patient subjected phenylephrine infusion
    • Graph-based approach towards hardware Trojan vulnerability analysis
    • Boundary-aware vehicle tracking upon UAV
      Despeckling algorithm for reducing speckle noise in images generated from active sensors
      SCGN: novel generative model using the convergence of latent space by training
      Towards video based collective motion analysis through shape tracking and matching
      Visual odometry particle filter for improving accuracy of visual object trackers
    • Optimised low dispersive ID-WLP-FDTD method based on scaling factor
      Reconfigurable hybrid matrix-based power divider with variable power-dividing ratios and frequencies
    • 2D material attached quartz crystal microbalance for sensing SF6 gas flow under humid condition
    • Crosstalk reduction between RF input channels of coherent-driver-modulator package by introducing enhanced ground lead structure
    • Robust particle filter algorithms for one-step randomly delayed measurements and heavy-tailed noise

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