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Volume 56, Issue 12, 11 June 2020

Volume 56, Issue 12

11 June 2020

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    • Wire rod linear actuator seals inspired by earthworm: tube seal
    • Flexible bandwidth reduction technique for envelope tracking using low-pass finite impulse response filters
      Carleman linearisation based estimation technique for a noise influenced electronic circuit
      Reconfigurable 2, 3 and 5-point DFT processing element for SDF FFT architecture using fast cyclic convolution algorithm
    • Exploiting analogue OxRAM conductance modulation for contrast enhancement application
      Foreground segmentation using multiscale convolutional neural network
      Imposing boundary-aware prior into CNNs-based medical image segmentation
      OCPAN: multi-person pose estimation with more attention on residual information
    • DeepVS: an efficient and generic approach for source code modelling usage
    • Optimal decision fusion using sparse representation-based classifiers on monogenic-signal dictionaries for SAR ATR
      Volumetric SAR near-field upsampling and basebanding
    • Improved sparsity-aware NSAF-SF adaptive algorithm
      Music genre classification and music recommendation by using deep learning

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