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Electronics Letters

Volume 56, Issue 10, 14 May 2020

Volume 56, Issue 10

14 May 2020

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    • Background calibration of bit weights in pipeline ADCs using a counteracting dither technique
      Bandpass ΔΣ ADC using pipelined SAR ADC
      Fast and exact multiple-input unary-to-binary multiplier with variable precision for stochastic computing
      Implementation of energy-efficient fast convolution algorithm for deep convolutional neural networks based on FPGA
      Spiking neural network approaches PCA with metaheuristics
    • Anti-sideslip path tracking of wheeled mobile robots based on fuzzy model predictive control
    • Wide-angle 2D beam-steering with Si-based 16 × (1 × 16) optical phased arrays
    • An edge attention-based geodesic distance for PolSAR image superpixel segmentation
      Geosynchronous SAR raw data simulator in presence of ionospheric scintillation using reverse backprojection
    • Hybrid low-k spacer scheme for advanced FinFET technology parasitic capacitance reduction

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