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Volume 55, Issue 8, 18 April 2019

Volume 55, Issue 8

18 April 2019

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    • System-by-design method for efficient linear array miniaturisation through low-complexity isotropic lenses
      Slim dual-polarised antenna with omnidirectional patterns for WLAN applications
      Subwavelength and low-profile element using metallic hole for reflected antenna array
    • Fully integrated bio-chip with high sensitivity for electrochemical sensing application
      Comparison of Legendre and united moments in the classification of Alzheimer conditions using T1 weighted MR images
    • 1.2 MHz relaxation oscillator with 16.8 ppm/°C temperature coefficient using resistive self-bias current
      Two-step, piecewise-linear SAR ADC with programmable transfer function
      Design of high-efficiency CMOS rectifier with low reverse leakage for RF energy harvesting
      Effect of supply scaling on noise performance of 0.6–1.2 V continuous-time delta-sigma modulator
    • Measuring similarity between geo-tagged videos using largest common view
      Structured behaviour prediction of on-road vehicles via deep forest
      Video object segmentation via attention-modulating networks
    • Cryptanalysis and improvement of blind signcryption scheme based on elliptic curve
      Regional attention generative adversarial network
    • Characteristics of phase delay in capacitive pick-off circuits for MEMS resonators
    • Compact dual-band bandpass filter using defected SRR and irregular SIR
      Four-kilowatt homogeneous microwave heating system using a power-controlled phase-shifting mode for improved heating uniformity
      Switchable differential filter using dual-mode dielectric resonator
    • Classical expression model of entangled quantum microwave after the measurement
      Polarisation insensitive wavelength de-multiplexer using arrayed waveguide grating and polarisation rotator/splitter

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