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Volume 55, Issue 7, 04 April 2019

Volume 55, Issue 7

04 April 2019

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    • Metamaterial-based wideband circularly polarised antenna with rotated V-shaped metasurface for small satellite applications
      Oblique fed ring antenna mounted in car headlight for automotive applications
      On the resonant frequencies of dual-band patch antennas
    • Dense matching for wide baseline images based on equal proportion of triangulation
      Local ZigZag Max histograms of pooling pattern for texture classification
      Revising regularisation with linear approximation term for compressive sensing improvement
      M-WRSF model for medical image segmentation
    • Demonstration of fully-vertical GaN-on-Si power MOSFETs using regrowth technique
    • Low-rank approximation-based tensor decomposition model for subspace clustering
      Low-complexity minimax design of digital FIR filters utilising linear programming in BI-DAC
      Sensor selection for sparse source detection in planar arrays
      Tropical cyclone intensity prediction based on recurrent neural networks
    • Programmable metasurface-based RF chain-free 8PSK wireless transmitter
      Auction-based power allocation for downlink non-orthogonal multiple access systems
      Experimental characterisation of in-to-out-body path loss at 433 MHz in dairy cows
      Achievable rate of hybrid precoding for hardware impaired MIMO underground mine channel

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