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Electronics Letters

Volume 55, Issue 6, 21 March 2019

Volume 55, Issue 6

21 March 2019

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    • Evaluation of local B 1 field as dosimeter of RF heating for implant in MRI
      Low-power contactless LC-tank based respiratory sensor
    • 0.55–1.8 V, 7.5 nW, 225.5 mV, CMOS-only subthreshold voltage reference
      Study on switch-leakage-induced dark offset of ambient light sensor
      Histogram-based mixed-signal time-to-digital-converter array for direct time-of-flight depth sensors
    • Multi-view spectral clustering via partial sum minimisation of singular values
      Multimodal medical image registration via common representations learning and differentiable geometric constraints
      Trimmed categorical cross-entropy for deep learning with label noise
    • Performance comparison of 12/12 pole with 8/10 and 12/14 pole bearingless switched reluctance machine
    • CMOS fully integrated quasi-circulator with self-interference cancellation technique
      Monolithic 3D-printed slotted hemisphere resonator bandpass filter with extended spurious-free stopband
    • First experimental results on the feasibility of noise radar systems on fast moving platforms
      Reweighted nuclear norm minimisation for DOA estimation with unknown mutual coupling
      Uncertainty estimation of LiDAR matching aided by dynamic vehicle detection and high definition map
    • Low-loss reverse blocking IGBT with PNM structure and trench collectors

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