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Volume 55, Issue 5, 07 March 2019

Volume 55, Issue 5

07 March 2019

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    • 212-Gbit/s 2:1 multiplexing selector realised in InP DHBT
      Hybrid interconnect network for on-chip low-power clock distribution
      Convolutional neural network attack on cryptographic circuits
      BBPD with wide input phase range
      Fault-tolerant multi-node coupling triple mode redundancy voltage controlled oscillator for reducing soft error in clock and data recovery
      Inkjet-printed interconnects for unpackaged dies in printed electronics
      Locking of RO due to RF interference in supply
    • Automatic directional masking technique for better sperm morphology segmentation and classification analysis
      Fast bilateral filtering
      High-speed motion image deblurring using referenceless image quality assessment
      Image set compression for similar images with priorities
      Improved appearance loss for deep estimation of image depth
    • Distributed temperature sensing based on slope-assisted Brillouin optical correlation-domain reflectometry with over 10 km measurement range
      Optical fibre liquid sensor for cryogenic propellant mass measurement
    • Delayed sampling technique for high-order BOC signals acquisition
    • 200°C normally off AlGaN/GaN MISFET with 321 mA/mm drain current density and 1055 V breakdown voltage

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