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Volume 55, Issue 4, 21 February 2019

Volume 55, Issue 4

21 February 2019

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    • Near-field scattering evaluation based on improved PO and EECs
    • Accurate full-resolution reconstruction of spike-encoded image time series using random matrix theory
      FER-Net: facial expression recognition using densely connected convolutional network
      Group affinity guided deep hypergraph model for person re-identification
      Most frequent mode for intra-mode coding in video coding
      Multimodal supervised image translation
      Bregman inverse filter
      Visual saliency based structural contrast quality index
    • Extended construction of array-based non-binary LDPC codes
      Vector-angle penalised NSGA-III to solve many-objective optimisation problems
    • Three-hot-wire acoustic particle velocity sensor with improved detection capability
      Hydrophone based on 3D printed polypropylene (PP) piezoelectret
      Modelling and experimental linearisation of electric field sensing using electrode-less LiNbO3 interferometers and incoherent light
    • COLREGS-compliant path planning considering time-varying trajectory uncertainty of autonomous surface vehicle

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