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Volume 55, Issue 3, 07 February 2019

Volume 55, Issue 3

07 February 2019

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    • Analysis of a memristive diode bridge rectifier
      Fully-differential second-order tunable bandstop filter based on source follower
      Partial TMR method for on-orbit processors based on PageRank algorithm
    • Integration of ROS and RT tasks using message pipe mechanism on Xenomai for telepresence robot
    • Radial basis function network for fast bilateral filtering
      Real-time comprehensive glass container inspection system based on deep learning framework
    • Flexible metamaterial absorber with wide incident angle insensitivity for conformal applications
      Asymmetric coupled lines for common-mode noise suppression in bent differential lines
      Reconfigurable RF receiver using compact distributed switch matrix for array coils
      Triple-mode dual-band bandpass filter based on cross-shaped substrate integrated waveguide
      Waveguide coupler for resonant-tunnelling diode oscillator at 420 GHz
    • Plasmonic device for spectral analysis
    • Frequency estimation algorithm without reconstruction based on MWC CS structure

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