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Volume 55, Issue 2, 24 January 2019

Volume 55, Issue 2

24 January 2019

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    • Antenna array synthesis based on pre-process coding neural network
      Compact SIW cavity slot antenna with enhanced bandwidth and quasi-elliptic filtering response
    • Method and VLSI implementation of lossy-to-lossless LTM ECG compression framework
    • Two-stage ADC-based ROICs for 25 μm-pitch cryogenic infrared focal plane array
      Adaptive frequency sampling using linear Bayesian vector fitting
      Partial row address prefetch and auto-activate using precharge command for high density DRAM
    • 5 GHz laterally-excited bulk-wave resonators (XBARs) based on thin platelets of lithium niobate
      Electroless silver plating of 3D printed waveguide components by peristaltic pump driven system
      Fabrication and measurement of 3D LPF based on coaxial TSV
      X-band right-angle coaxial-to-single ridge waveguide compact transition with capacitive coupling
    • Bidirectional silicon-controlled rectifier for advanced ESD protection applications

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