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Volume 55, Issue 25, 12 December 2019

Volume 55, Issue 25

12 December 2019

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    • 2D flat Luneburg lens antenna for multibeam scanning application
      Additive manufactured dielectric Gutman lens
      Approximate analysis of DF ambiguity probabilities for an interferometer direction-finding system using gamma distributions
      Focused transmitarray antenna using I-shaped slot elements for microwave measurements
      Performance enhancement of dual-band antenna for internet of things applications using closed loops
      Planar patch antenna system with high isolation for full-duplex applications
    • Advanced SSVEP stimulator for brain–computer interface and signal classification with using convolutional neural network
    • Game-theoretic power allocation algorithm for downlink NOMA cellular system
      Performance analysis of NOMA with generalised selection combining receivers
      Reinforcement learning-based spectrum handoff scheme with measured PDR in cognitive radio networks
      Scaled-time OFDM experiments for channels exceeding the cyclic prefix

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