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Electronics Letters

Volume 55, Issue 23, 14 November 2019

Volume 55, Issue 23

14 November 2019

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    • Differentiation of EMCI in sMR images using segmented brainstem multifractal texture measures
      Implantable cathodic voltage controlled electrical stimulator
    • Detection of presentation attacks using imaging and liveness attributes
      Dual branches network for image super-resolution
      Image style transfer learning for style-strength control
      Patch orientation-specified network for learning-based image super-resolution
      Sample generation of semi-automatic pavement crack labelling and robustness in detection of pavement diseases
    • Adaptive suppression of main-lobe spread Doppler clutter with high directivity for HFSSWR using oblique projection
    • Detection of multi-people micro-motions based on range–velocity–time points
      Mitigation of target distortion in pulse-agile sensors via Richardson–Lucy deconvolution
    • Optimal regenerative PN code tracking based on non-commensurate sampling and double-loop structure
      Probability density function of notch depth for dominant mode rejection beamformer

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