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Volume 55, Issue 21, 17 October 2019

Volume 55, Issue 21

17 October 2019

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    • ResNet-based Trojan detection methodology for protected ICs
    • Robust reputation management mechanism in cooperative spectrum sensing
      Optimal search algorithm in a big database using interpolation–extrapolation method
      RIP-based analysis of multipath matching pursuit in noisy case
    • Compact three-dimensional bandpass FSS with high selectivity based on split square coaxial waveguide
      Low-loss broadband (DC to 220 GHz) S-CPW to S-CPS transition for S-CPS coplanar probing
    • Optical digital-to-analogue conversion for 2-bit BPSK-modulated signal based on delay line interferometer with balanced photodetector
    • ISAR imaging of manoeuvring target with gapped data using chirp-GAPES
      Low complexity closed-form covariance matrix and direct constant-envelope waveforms design for MIMO radar transmit beampattern
    • Dual-channel trench-gate tunnel FET for improved ON-current and subthreshold swing
    • Blind symbol packing ratio estimation for faster-than-Nyquist signalling based on deep learning
      Performance analysis for joint processing of pilot and data symbols with channel aging

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