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Volume 55, Issue 18, 05 September 2019

Volume 55, Issue 18

05 September 2019

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    • Approach for miniaturisation of planar antenna based on CRLH structure
      Control of near electric field by topology optimised sub-wavelength 3D loop antenna
      Linear high-gain bidirectional slot array fabricated by narrow bent metallic line
    • GenSynth: a generative synthesis approach to learning generative machines for generate efficient neural networks
      Multiple flow-based knowledge transfer via adversarial networks
      Robust alternating optimisation for extrinsic calibration of RGB-D cameras
    • Automatic classification of linear modulations using multiple receivers in the presence of symbol timing uncertainty
      Packing additional bits into LDPC coded data
    • Flexible capacitive pressure sensors fabricated by 3D printed mould
    • Closed-form expression for coverage and average rate of 2D and 3D cellular networks
      Analysis of residual CFO impact on downlink massive MISO systems

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