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Electronics Letters

Volume 54, Issue 8, 19 April 2018

Volume 54, Issue 8

19 April 2018

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    • 2.55 GHz miniaturised phased antenna array based on 7 nm-thick Hf x Zr1 x O2 ferroelectrics
      Highly isolated crossed dipole antenna with matched copolar beams
      Miniaturised multiple notched omnidirectional UWB monopole antenna
      Dual-resonance-based wideband antenna for integrated module applications
      Implementation of ultra-miniaturised frequency-selective structures based on 2.5D convoluted segments
      MIMO antenna with built-in circular shaped isolator for sub-6 GHz 5G applications
      Switchable UWB/narrowband/bi-bands octagonal antenna using PIN diodes
    • Balanced-to-unbalanced filtering power divider with compact size and high common-mode suppression
      Miniaturised FSS structure with excellent angular stability based on strong coupling for millimetre-wave communication
      Double-layer suspended stripline resonator with high quality factor for base-station diplexer application
      Quality factor improvement of MIS capacitor using side metal coating
      Theoretical analysis and design of a compact analogue phase shifter with constant low insertion loss
    • Exponential utility function based criteria for network selection in heterogeneous wireless networks
      Feedback followed bias generation scheme for complementary passive mixer
      Low complexity detection based on selective message passing for SCMA systems
      Impact of connecting to the nth nearest node in dedicated device-to-device communications

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