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Electronics Letters

Volume 54, Issue 7, 05 April 2018

Volume 54, Issue 7

05 April 2018

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    • Wearable in-the-ear EEG system for SSVEP-based brain–computer interface
    • Calibrated 10 b 28 nm CMOS SAR ADC based on integer-based split capacitors
      Quantised inverter amplifier
      Single channel spin-wave logic cell
    • Energy aware simplicial processor for embedded morphological visual processing in intelligent internet of things
      Effective scaling registration approach by imposing emphasis on scale factor
      Training CNNs with image patches for object localisation
    • Detection of multiple micro-drones via cadence velocity diagram analysis
      Efficient Doppler ambiguity resolver for video SAR
      Sensor fusion-based precise obstacle localisation for automatic parking systems
    • Design of an initial condition-index chaos shift keying modulation
      GreenOFDM: a new selected mapping method for OFDM PAPR reduction
      K-band frequency-selective limiter using an injection locked oscillator for blocker cancellation
      Low-complexity, high-speed multi-size cyclic-shifter for quasi-cyclic LDPC decoder
      Optimal power allocation scheme for distributed antenna system with OFDM in frequency-selective fading channels
      Parameter estimation of CFM signals based on MICPF-HAF
      Power efficient 2 × 1 space–time block code system with antenna shuffling
      Switched-bandwidth SAW-based bandpass filters with flat group delay

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