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Electronics Letters

Volume 54, Issue 4, 22 February 2018

Volume 54, Issue 4

22 February 2018

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    • Accumulated grey-level image representation for classification of lung cancer genetic mutations employing 2D principle component analysis
      Confocal laser feedback microscopy for in-depth imaging applications
    • Multi-frame blind deconvolution of atmospheric turbulence degraded images with mixed noise models
      Perceptual image hash function via associative memory-based self-correcting
      Reconfigurable hardware architecture for faster descriptor extraction in SURF
    • 0.00035 mm2 on-chip leakage sensing unit for various devices in 10 nm FinFET process
    • Ground moving target recognition using log energy entropy of wavelet packets
      Improved channel mismatch estimation for multi-channel HRWS SAR based on azimuth cross-correlation
      InSAR imaging based on L1 regularisation joint reconstruction via complex approximated message passing
    • Controlling fixed trap charge effect in FinFET using heterodielectric BOX

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