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Electronics Letters

Volume 54, Issue 24, 29 November 2018

Volume 54, Issue 24

29 November 2018

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    • High gain SIW cavity backed differential slot antenna for X-band applications
      Low-profile wideband circularly polarised single-layer metasurface antenna
      Patch-monopole monopulse feed for deep reflectors
    • High-linearity SAR-VCO MASH ΔΣ ADC with second-order noise shaping
      Power-efficient error-resilient network-on-chip router using selective error correction code scheme
      Ultra-low-voltage low-power dynamic comparator with forward body bias scheme for SAR ADC
      Vertically symmetric broadband lumped element CMOS directional coupler
    • Deformable convolutional networks for multi-view 3D shape classification
      Multi-scale features fusion from sparse LiDAR data and single image for depth completion
    • Characterisation of silicon fibre Bragg grating in near-infrared band for strain and temperature sensing
      InAs/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectors on on-axis Si (100) substrates
    • Exact analysis of the least-mean-square algorithm with coloured measurement noise
    • Improved similarity fusion scheme for cover song identification
    • Deep learning based RF fingerprinting for device identification and wireless security
      Phase noise mitigation architecture for wireless full-duplex transceivers

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