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Electronics Letters

Volume 54, Issue 22, 01 November 2018

Volume 54, Issue 22

01 November 2018

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    • Dual-polarised patch antenna for in-band full-duplex applications
      Hybrid beamforming design for dual-polarised millimetre wave MIMO systems
      SIW cavity-backed dual-band antenna with good stopband characteristics
      Wideband internal PIFA-loop antenna designed on the bezel of digital television applications for UHF band
    • Long read range Class-3 UHF RFID system based on harmonic backscattering
      PVT compensated inverter-based OTA for low-voltage CT sigma-delta modulators
      Application of voltage multiplier in 12-pulse rectifier for sinusoidal input current
      High-precision differential time integrator based on time adder
      Process compensated bipolar junction transistor-based CMOS temperature sensor with a ±1.5°C (3σ) batch-to-batch inaccuracy
      Super class AB RFC OTA with adaptive local common-mode feedback
    • Efficient early termination and bypass scheme for CU size decision in spatially scalable SHVC intra coding
      End-to-end learning for arbitrary image style transfer
      HEVC transforms with reduced elements bit depth
      Image ordinal classification with deep multi-view learning
      Multi-focus image fusion through DCNN and ELM
    • Geometric power detector for spectrum sensing under symmetric alpha stable noise
    • 69–78 GHz ESD-protected SiGe BiCMOS PA with 30 dB automatic level control for mm-wave 5G applications
    • Field and laboratory trials of 400GBASE-LR8 over fibre distances up to 35 km
    • Enhancement of electrical characteristics of a-ZTO TFTs based on channel layers produced with alternating precursor concentration
    • Perturbed block orthogonal matching pursuit
    • Discriminatively learned network for i-vector based speaker recognition

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