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Electronics Letters

Volume 54, Issue 19, 20 September 2018

Volume 54, Issue 19

20 September 2018

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    • Dual-band MNG patch antenna for smart helmet
      Dual-sleeve wideband monopole antenna for shipborne systems in VHF band
      Enhanced 3 dB AR beamwidth metamaterial antenna for nanosatellite payload communication system
    • Orientation truncated centre learning for deep face recognition
    • Acceleration of low density parity check code (LDPC) decoding by successive overrelaxations
      Deep learning-assisted and combined attack: a novel side-channel attack
      Innovation rate sampling of non-ideal piecewise polynomials
      Position-aided fast millimetre-wave beam training with compressive sensing
      Rate-compatible QC-LDPC codes based on PEXIT
    • CMOS depth sensor with programmable filter circuits for environment-adaptive noise suppression
    • X-band 1/4λ dielectric-strip resonator filter
      Design of tri-band bandpass filter using symmetrical open stub loaded step impedance resonator
      Low phase noise oscillator stabilised by high quality factor AFSIW resonators
      Quad-band Gysel power divider based on coupled lines
      Substrate-integrated waveguide triple-band filter with improved frequency and bandwidth allocations
      Complete modal chart of CDWG

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