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Electronics Letters

Volume 54, Issue 15, 26 July 2018

Volume 54, Issue 15

26 July 2018

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    • Pair of grounded L strips loaded broadband circularly polarised square slot antenna with enhanced axial ratio bandwidth
      UWB circularly polarised slot antenna with modified ground plane and L-shaped radiator
      Design of a compact quad-band antenna with independent frequency tuning
      Mutual coupling reduction in multilayer patch antennas via meander line parasites
    • End-to-end training algorithm for conceptor-based neural networks
    • A 0.6 V class-AB rail-to-rail CMOS OTA exploiting threshold lowering
      Autonomous high-speed serial link power management depending on required link performance for HMC
      Input vulnerability-aware approximate triple modular redundancy: higher fault coverage, improved search space, and reduced area overhead
      Single-ended voltage-mode duobinary transmitter with feedback time reduced parallel precoder
      Wide-input dynamic range 1 MHz clock ultra-low supply flip-flop
    • Masked beamforming in frequency domain for hybrid acoustic vector sensor array
      Sub-optimal low-complexity detector for generalised quadrature spatial modulation
    • 0.18 mW/pole inverter-based Gm-C bandpass filter with automatic frequency tuning
    • Modified root MUSIC for co-prime linear arrays
      Block-sparsity-aware LMS algorithm for network echo cancellation
      Improved sparse signal recovery method based on matching pursuit revised MAP estimation

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