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Electronics Letters

Volume 53, Issue 5, 02 March 2017

Volume 53, Issue 5

02 March 2017

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    • Low-power SOI CMOS antenna switch driver circuit with RF leakage suppression and fast switching time
      Design of metallic parabolic anechoic chamber for compact range measurement
    • Parameterised design of robust point-to-point fast motion controller
      Identification and control of unstable FOPTD processes with improved transients
      Regeneration of natural grasp prehensions on underactuated robot-hand through kinaesthetic guidance
    • Kernelised reference-wise metric learning
      One-step backtracking for occlusion detection in real-time visual tracking
    • Simple variable tap-length algorithm for high-noise environment
    • DC-offset elimination method for grid synchronisation
      Single-stage AC–DC voltage regulator for 15 W wireless charging
      APWM adapted half-bridge LLC converter with voltage doubler rectifier for improving light load efficiency
      Low-cost fabrication of polymer substrate-based piezoelectric microgenerator with PPE, IDE and ME
      Sector determination for SVPWM based four-switch three-phase VSI
      Self-compensation of DC–DC converters under peak current mode control
    • Active phase compensation technique for buried target extraction
      Correlation characteristic analysis in diversity multiple-input multiple-output radar
      Imaging method for airborne SAL data

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