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Electronics Letters

Volume 53, Issue 24, 23 November 2017

Volume 53, Issue 24

23 November 2017

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    • Modified turn algorithm for motion planning based on clothoid curve
    • Triple-mode cavity bandpass filter under excitation via U-shaped slots
      Continuously tunable crossover based on HMSIW
      Design of ultra-thin closely spaced dual-band bandpass frequency selective surface
      Efficient feeding geometries for rectenna design at 2.45 GHz
      Eight-way radial power splitter including ring-shape isolation network
      High selective compact dual-band filter using ring resonator with quarter-wavelength stubs
      Tunable active three-way circulator using tunable transistor feedback network
    • Self-aligned graphene transistor
    • Randomness evaluation of key generation based on optical OFDM system in visible light communication networks
    • Noise-robust HRRP target recognition method via sparse-low-rank representation
      Motion compensation for TDM MIMO radar by sparse reconstruction
      Time-variant TEC estimation with fully polarimetric GEO-SAR data
    • Generalised transmit–receive joint spatial modulation
      Hybrid SI cancellation for single-antenna full-duplex radios

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