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Electronics Letters

Volume 53, Issue 20, 28 September 2017

Volume 53, Issue 20

28 September 2017

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    • Antipodal Vivaldi antenna with novel differentially fed structure for lowering cross-polarisation level
      Miniaturised circularly-polarised antenna with high-constitutive parameter substrate
      Reduction of squint in the slant polarised phased array antennas
    • Detecting age groups using touch interaction based on neuromotor characteristics
      Theoretical and experimental analyses on location/channel parameters estimation for implantable medical devices
    • New self-organising hierarchical PSO with jumping time-varying acceleration coefficients
      Robust adaptive blind equalisation in impulsive noise
    • Enabling PZT bimorph actuator with passive polysilicon structure
    • Two-stage carrier-based PWM to mitigate neutral point potential oscillation in three-level inverters
    • A novel approach for crosstalk minimisation in frequency modulated continuous wave radars
      RCS reduction for grazing incidence based on coding metasurface

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