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Electronics Letters

Volume 53, Issue 17, 17 August 2017

Volume 53, Issue 17

17 August 2017

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    • Switchable non-physical LTE/WWAN antenna
      Broadband dual-circularly polarised SIW cavity antenna using a stacked structure
      Half-mode substrate integrated waveguide-based leaky-wave antenna loaded with meandered lines
      PD FPR CP high-gain MIMO antenna
      Polarisation-independent tunable absorber with embedded biasing network
    • Brain-controlled wheelchair controlled by sustained and brief motor imagery BCIs
      Optical angle-of-arrival (AoA) sensor for the motion analysis of knee joints
      Robust Hermite decomposition algorithm for classification of sleep apnea EEG signals
      Perceptual medical image fusion with internal generative mechanism
    • Bayer demosaicking using optimised mean curvature over RGB channels
      Bi-directional deformable block-based motion estimation for frame rate-up conversion of 360-degree videos
      Improving stereo matching by incorporating geometry prior into ConvNet
      VQ-based compressive sensing with high compression quality
    • 20.8–51 GHz highly balanced CMOS balun
      New decoupled empty substrate integrated waveguide realisation
      Six-channel diplexer with compact size and high isolation
      Highly efficient wideband X-band MMIC class-F power amplifier with cascode FP GaN HEMT
      Miniaturised highly selective wide-band bandpass filter using dual-mode resonators and inter digital capacitors
      Three-dimensional high-isolated dual-band balun using double-sided parallel-strip line with inserted conductor plane
    • Space–time adaptive processing by enforcing sparse constraint on beam-Doppler patterns
      Spatial coding in sonar imaging
      Tracking and length estimation of underwater acoustic target
    • Time-variant beam selection for lens-based millimetre-wave massive MIMO systems
      2D autoregressive model-based dynamic correlated massive MU-MIMO channel simulator

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