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Electronics Letters

Volume 53, Issue 14, 06 July 2017

Volume 53, Issue 14

06 July 2017

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    • Measuring abdominal fatness using principle of Salisbury screen
    • Learning deep discriminative features based on cosine loss function
      Lite AU convolution network driven by a small amount of samples
      Low-power TDC scheme using DLL-based gray counter for infrared imagers
    • De-embedding method-based electrical resistivity characterisation scheme for a small brittle pillar-shaped material
    • Dual metal drain Ge-source dopingless TFET with enhanced turn-ON steep subthreshold swing and high ON-current
    • Improved hidden Markov model adaptation method for reduced frame rate speech recognition
    • Analysis of decoding probability for systematic wireless network coding
      Beam combination scheme for multi-user massive MIMO systems
    • Impact of integer carrier frequency offset on the performance of frequency-domain contention
      Low-complexity MMSE-IRC algorithm for uplink massive MIMO systems

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