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Electronics Letters

Volume 53, Issue 13, 22 June 2017

Volume 53, Issue 13

22 June 2017

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    • 3T-2R non-volatile TCAM with voltage limiter and self-controlled bias circuit
      Hybrid WK-recursive on-chip network for multi-core system
      Fast compact true random number generator based on multiple sampling
      Highly reliable automotive integrated protection circuit for human body model ESD of +6 kV, over voltage, and reverse voltage
      Improving the serialisation of Trajectory approach for switched Ethernet network
      Low-phase noise Class-C VCO with dynamic body bias
      Protecting IP core during architectural synthesis using HLT-based obfuscation
    • Design of frequency offset tolerant PSS waveform
      Coverage probability of multiple UAVs supported ground network
      High-speed wireless infrared uplink scheme for airplane passengers’ communications
      Miniaturised highly selective bandpass filter with very wide stopband using meander coupled lines
      Robust spectrum sensing based on spectral flatness measure
      Wideband balanced-to-unbalanced filtering unequal power divider with wide stopband and isolation

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