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Volume 53, Issue 1, 05 January 2017

Volume 53, Issue 1

05 January 2017

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    • Compact wideband circularly polarised dielectric resonator antenna
      Design of 3D filtering antenna for the application of terahertz
    • Highly optimised reconfigurable hardware architecture of 64 bit block ciphers MISTY1 and KASUMI
      Multi-level cell STT-RAM controller for multimedia applications
      VCO-based sturdy MASH ADC architecture
    • Dual CDS scheme embedded in SAR-based ADCs for low-noise CMOS imagers without a PGA
      RDH in BCS images based on block edge pixel separation
      Robust visual tracking via self-similarity learning
      Seed growing for interactive image segmentation using SVM classification with geodesic distance
      Visual saliency detection in colour images based on density estimation
    • Planar microstrip coupler with enhanced power coupling
      Characterisation of integrated microstrip lines in aerospace composite structure
      Ka-band VCO with parasitic capacitance cancelling technique
    • Gated single molecular device and logic gate design

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