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Volume 52, Issue 6, 17 March 2016

Volume 52, Issue 6

17 March 2016

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    • Towards enabling engineered microbial-electronic systems: RK2-based conjugal transfer system for Shewanella synthetic biology
    • ADC sampling reduction by an efficient implementation of queue application to X-ray spectrometry imagers
    • Linear-assisted DC/DC regulator-based current source for LED drivers
    • Intellectual property core protection of control data flow graphs using robust watermarking during behavioural synthesis based on user resource constraint and loop unrolling factor
      Robust foreground detection in sudden illumination change
      2D histogram equalisation based on the human visual system
      Visual surveillance using wide-angle camera and laser range finder
    • Capacitance-to-digital converter for leaky capacitive sensors
      Wide range temperature sensor with adaptive nonlinearity cancellation (ANC) technique for HVICs
    • MFSFET two-bit 1T1C DRAM memory design and empirical data
      Wide frequency-tunable resonant tunnelling diode terahertz oscillators using varactor diodes

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