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Electronics Letters

Volume 52, Issue 22, 27 October 2016

Volume 52, Issue 22

27 October 2016

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    • 10 Mbps 0.3 nJ/bit OQPSK transceiver IC for 400–450 MHz medical telemetry
      Generalised correlation index for quantifying signal morphological similarity
      Ambient electromagnetic energy harvesting system for on-body sensors
      Detecting muscle contractions using strain gauges
      Removing ring artefacts in CT images via unidirectional relative variation model
      Robotic AFO to enhance walking capacity: initial development
    • Design and implementation of a new digital automatic gain control
    • Coupled π-shifted fibre Bragg grating ring resonant strain sensors
      Electrical injection type-II (GaIn)As/Ga(AsSb)/(GaIn)As single ‘W’-quantum well laser at 1.2 µm
    • Efficiency optimising strategy for dual-coupled transmitters based WPT systems
      Optimised power allocation to maximise secure rate in energy harvesting relay network
      Energy harvesting from electromagnetic interference induced in the human body
      Fast transient response DC–DC converter with start-up in-rush current control
      Human skin based flexible triboelectric nanogenerator using conductive elastomer and fabric films
      Hybrid three-level PWM and resonant converter
      Loop-handover technique for digitally controlled multiple-output dc–dc converters
      Luminescent coverglass for improved absorption efficiency in III–V photovoltaic modules

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