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Volume 52, Issue 22, 27 October 2016

Volume 52, Issue 22

27 October 2016

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    • 10 Mbps 0.3 nJ/bit OQPSK transceiver IC for 400–450 MHz medical telemetry
      Generalised correlation index for quantifying signal morphological similarity
      Ambient electromagnetic energy harvesting system for on-body sensors
      Detecting muscle contractions using strain gauges
      Removing ring artefacts in CT images via unidirectional relative variation model
      Robotic AFO to enhance walking capacity: initial development
    • Coupled π-shifted fibre Bragg grating ring resonant strain sensors
      Electrical injection type-II (GaIn)As/Ga(AsSb)/(GaIn)As single ‘W’-quantum well laser at 1.2 µm

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