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Electronics Letters

Volume 52, Issue 21, 13 October 2016

Volume 52, Issue 21

13 October 2016

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    • Direct solution for pose estimation of single circle with detected centre
      Heterogeneous face recognition based on modality-independent Kernel Fisher discriminant analysis joint sparse auto-encoder
      Quantifying blur in colour images using higher order singular values
    • Non-volatile magnetic decoder based on MTJs
    • High performance adjacent error detection for nanometer devices
      Hole injection and electroluminescence enhancement by Ag periodic nanorods array on indium tin oxide electrode in OLED
    • Current kernel density estimation based transistor open-circuit fault diagnosis in two-level three phase rectifier
      Soft-switching single-stage three-level power amplifier for high-voltage audio distribution systems
      Ultra low overhead error mask flip-flop in near threshold voltage processor design
    • Integration gain limitations in passive coherent location radars for manoeuvring target detection
      Multi-frequency precision radar altimetry from space for estimation of sea surface state
      Phase bias estimation for multi-channel HRWS SAR based on Doppler spectrum optimisation
      SAR image segmentation based on analysing similarity with clutter spatial patterns
      Wide-band radar cross-section reduction for antenna using frequency selective absorber
    • Harmonic multiplication based on Ge–Sb–Te resistive-switching devices
      Record 34.2% efficient mm-wave N-polar AlGaN/GaN MISHEMT at 87 GHz
      Simple and accurate inductance model of 3D inductor based on TSV
    • Directional-DRX for 5G wireless communications

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