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Volume 52, Issue 15, 21 July 2016

Volume 52, Issue 15

21 July 2016

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    • Correlation template matching CPA method
      An analytical model for the power consumption of Dual-Mode EEE
      Compact ECDSA engine for IoT applications
    • Al0 .3Ga0.7N PN diode with breakdown voltage >1600 V
      Calculation of the inductance and AC resistance of planar rectangular coils
      Highly accurate capacitor-free LDO with sub-1 V −120 dB PSRR bandgap voltage reference
      Integration of antennas with sun-tracking solar panels
      Multiplexed control strategy for a multi-input converter using fuzzy logic algorithm
      Predictive over-current protection scheme for step-down DC–DC converter with emulated current mode control
      Vehicle to grid system to design a centre node virtual unified power flow controller

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