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Electronics Letters

Volume 52, Issue 14, 07 July 2016

Volume 52, Issue 14

07 July 2016

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    • Metamodelling technique for the efficient design optimisation of metasurfaces
      Bidirectional circularly-polarised loop linear array fed by slotted SIW
      Improving the efficiency of a reconfigurable microstrip patch using magneto-static field responsive structures
      Slot antenna single layer fed by step impedance strip line for Wi-Fi and Wi-Max applications
    • Kernel spectral angle mapper
      Colour FAST (CFAST) match: fast affine template matching for colour images
      Linear polarisation property and fusion method for target recognition in passive millimetre-wave polarimetric imaging
      Person re-identification based on a novel mahalanobis distance feature dominated KISS metric learning
      Two-step mutual information-based stereo matching
    • Equivalent hyperbolic range model for synthetic aperture radar with curved track
      Broadband RCS reduction using a novel double layer chessboard AMC surface
      Cross-range scaling technique for ISAR images with affine projection matrix
      Initial frequency refining algorithm for pull-in process with an auxiliary DLL in pseudolite receiver
      Phase centre performance evaluation for GNSS adaptive array

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