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Volume 52, Issue 12, 09 June 2016

Volume 52, Issue 12

09 June 2016

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    • Adaptive search range by neighbouring depth intensity weighted sum for HEVC texture coding
      Depth from defocus using superpixel-based affinity model and cellular automata
      In-place similarity and its applications in image and video detail enhancement
      Reliable estimation of anisotropic BRDF
    • Phase unwrapping method based on multi-frequency InSAR in highly sloped terrain
      Bistatic MIMO radar for near field source localisation using PARAFAC
      Doppler radar microphone with logarithmic square-law detector
      Influence of the time-delay of correction for BDS and GPS combined real-time differential positioning
      Micro-motion of a moving train observed by a Ka-band interferometric radar
      Sea clutter suppression for shipborne HFSWR using joint sparse recovery-based STAP

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