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Volume 51, Issue 3, 05 February 2015

Volume 51, Issue 3

05 February 2015

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    • 3D imaging with single-plane electrical capacitance tomography sensor
      Candidate value-based boundary filtering for compressed depth images
      Covariance-based online validation of video tracking
      Demosaicing using subband-based classifiers
      Fast superpixel segmentation by iterative edge refinement
      Image stitching using chaos-inspired dissimilarity measure
      Mutual dependency of features in multimodal biometric systems
      Sample selective filter in HEVC intra-prediction for screen content video coding
      Stereo vision with image-guided structured-light pattern matching
      Synthesising frontal face image using elastic net penalty and neighbourhood consistency prior
      Application of fast cross-correlation algorithms
    • Incremental scheduling scheme for indoor visible light communication
    • Multi-layer on-chip inductor for 10–100 GHz frequency applications
      Performance enhancement of fully transparent tin-doped zinc oxide thin-film transistors fabricated by sputtering at low temperature
    • Generalised trade-off model for energy-efficient WSN synchronisation
      Energy efficiency-based device-to-device uplink resource allocation with multiple resource reusing
      High-resolution time of arrival estimation for OFDM-based transceivers
      Low–high SNR transition in multiuser MIMO

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