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Electronics Letters

Volume 51, Issue 23, 05 November 2015

Volume 51, Issue 23

05 November 2015

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    • Path following algorithm for matching partially overlapping feature sets
      Context-aware part-based people detection for video monitoring
      Effective object tracking using extreme learning machine with smoothness and preference regularisation
      Human action recognition and analysis algorithm for fixed and moving cameras
      Structured sparse representation of residue in screen content video coding
      Watermarking-based image authentication robust to JPEG compression
    • Implementation of low-power, non-volatile latch utilising ferroelectric transistor
    • 0.4–3.0 GHz highly efficient harmonic-tuned power amplifier
      Zero-current switching method for dc–dc buck converter in portable application
      High-speed low-power and low-power supply voltage dynamic comparator
      Low-frequency vibration-based interdigital piezoelectric energy harvester and autonomous power regulating circuit
      Maximising power-transfer efficiency in low-power DC–DC converters
      Online open-switch fault diagnosis method in single-phase PWM rectifiers
      Mathematical model of grid-connected inverter system in weak grid

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