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Volume 51, Issue 18, 03 September 2015

Volume 51, Issue 18

03 September 2015

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    • Acoustic detection based on coherence bandwidth
      Direct extrapolation in near-field acoustic holography
      Output pressure enhancement of CMUTs by using multiple Helmholtz resonance apertures
    • Data compression of excitatory postsynaptic potentials
      VLSI architecture of lossless ECG compression design based on fuzzy decision and optimisation method for wearable devices
    • Quantised kernel least mean square with desired signal smoothing
    • 60 GHz CMOS gain-boosted LNA with transformer feedbacked neutraliser
      GRP-based interleaver for IDMA systems over frequency selective channel
      Low conversion loss 94 GHz CMOS resistive mixer
      Secure DNA data compression using algebraic curves

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