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Electronics Letters

Volume 51, Issue 13, 25 June 2015

Volume 51, Issue 13

25 June 2015

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    • Compact planar UWB MIMO antenna with on-demand WLAN rejection
      Implementation and application of ADE-PML for higher-order FDTD method
      MIMO antenna design with built-in decoupling mechanism for WLAN dual-band applications
      Miniaturised broadband top-loaded planar monopole antenna with binary-encoded sleeves
      Specific absorption rate reduction of multi-standard mobile antenna with double-negative metamaterial
      UHF RFID tags backscattered power measurement in reverberation chamber
    • 0.5–50 GHz dielectric characterisation of breast cancer tissues
    • Colour laser printer identification using halftone texture fingerprint
      Effect of region contrast on visual comfort of stereoscopic images
      High capacity reversible image watermarking using error expansion and context-dependent embedding
      Passive target tracking of marine traffic ships using onboard monocular camera for unmanned surface vessel
    • Low-complexity constant multiplication for layer processing in MIMO symbol detection
      Multiplicative composition of clock-skew components for improving time synchronisation
      Simple two-adders CIC compensator
    • Investigation and simulation of photonic crystal directional coupler switch
    • Trajectory optimisation method by using independent component analysis for MIMO-OTHR target tracking
      I-Q imbalance correction of microwave displacement sensors
      Pulsed gate bias control of GaN HEMTs to improve pulse-to-pulse stability in radar applications
    • Analytical evaluation of scattering parameters for equivalent circuit of through silicon via array
      Symmetric bipolar charge-plasma transistor with extruded base for enhanced performance

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