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Electronics Letters

Volume 50, Issue 25, 04 December 2014

Volume 50, Issue 25

04 December 2014

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    • 1 ppm/°C bandgap with multipoint curvature-compensation technique for HVIC
      2-tap pre-emphasis SST transmitter with skin effect loss equalisation in 65 nm CMOS technology
      Analysis of phase variation of CMOS digital attenuator
      Energy-efficient static sparse-tree adder based on MUX-less bypassing architecture
      Measurement and application of vertical inductors in high-speed broadband circuit
    • Boundary-enhanced supervoxel segmentation for sparse outdoor LiDAR data
      CCEDA: building bridge between subspace projection learning and sparse representation-based classification
      Face recognition using average example image
      Image segmentation based on anisotropic diffusion and graph cuts optimisation
      Multilevel driving waveform for electrophoretic displays to improve grey levels and response characteristics
      Online clustering via energy scoring based on low-rank and sparse representation
      Quaternion softmax classifier
      Robust visual tracking via online informative feature selection
      Scale adaptive visual tracking with latent SVM
    • Charge-plasma-based super-steep negative capacitance junctionless tunnel field effect transistor: design and performance
    • Investigation of oxidation process in self-terminating gate recess wet etching technique for AlGaN/GaN normally-off MOSFETs
      Trench SOI LDMOS with vertical field plate
    • Improved transmission scheme for reliable communication in cell boundary
      Modulation recognition of MAPSK signals using template matching

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