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Electronics Letters

Volume 50, Issue 22, 23 October 2014

Volume 50, Issue 22

23 October 2014

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    • Efficient evaluation of specific absorption rate for MIMO terminals
      Ka-band circularly polarised omnidirectional antenna for wide elevation coverage
      Simple bandwidth-enhancement technique for miniaturised low-profile UWB antenna design
    • Differential rail-to-rail voltage-controlled quadrature ring oscillator for low-power implantable transceivers
      Legendre polynomial based fast minimum variance beamforming method for medical ultrasound systems
    • Fast sparse reconstruction algorithm for multidimensional signals
      Ultra-low-cost colour demosaicking VLSI design for real-time video applications
      Chrominance just-noticeable-distortion model based on human colour perception
      Composite kernels conditional random fields for remote-sensing image classification
      Finger vein identification system using two cameras
      Multi-blocks scheme for high definition video display based on digital micro-mirror device
      Object–image-based quality-on-demand energy saving schemes for OLED displays
    • Coset-based QC-LDPC codes without small cycles
      Crosstalk ratio-based adaptive 2 × 2 MIMO-OFDM PLC
      Fast sensing matrix construction method oriented towards frequency-sparse signal
      Implementing error detection in fast counting Bloom filters
      Power-aware hiding method for S-box protection
      Precoding design for STBC-MIMO system with imperfect feedback in spatially correlated Rayleigh channel
      Swapped SLM scheme for reducing PAPR of OFDM systems
    • Continuous fine-grained arm action recognition using motion spectrum mixture models
      Noise reduction in chaotic multi-dimensional time series using dictionary learning

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