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Electronics Letters

Volume 50, Issue 2, 16 January 2014

Volume 50, Issue 2

16 January 2014

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    • Asymmetrical wideband zeroth-order resonant antenna
      Babinet's principle applied to ultra-wideband antennas for high isolation
      Compact CPW fed electrically small antenna for WLAN application
      Compact frequency selective surface for polarisation transform
      Theoretical and experimental analysis of spatial division using antenna directivities in short-range MIMO transmission
      Triple band-notched UWB antenna based on SIR-DGS and fork-shaped stubs
    • 0.5 V inverter-based ultra-low-power, low-noise VGA for medical ultrasound probes
      Effect of memory on BER in molecular communication
    • Quasi-chipless wireless temperature sensor based on harmonic radar

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